How to connect your pc or laptop to internet

How to connect your pc ( Personal computer) or laptop to the internet.

So in this blog you have to see that,
How to connect your computer to the internet.

To establish a connection to the internet the following required.
1. A computer which facilities to a connect modem . A separate port is to be provided for external modem or an expansion slot for internal modem.
2. A telephone connection.
3. A modem
4. The computer should have the respective software to avail the various internet resources it should have a web browser to view the web pages.
5. A TCP/IP Account with an internet service provider.

Once you have subscribed to broadband internet service provider, the next thing you have to do is set up the internet connection on your computer. You just have to follow the provider instructions in installing the networks equipment that came from them. After which you will need to set up your with the broadband internet connection.

Now what to do in computer ( Pc )

The detailed instructions in setting up windows 7, 10. For your broadband internet connection are as follows:-

1. Click start > Control panel . Following windows appear on your computer screen.

2.From the above displayed window, click on Network and internet link. Following window is display on the screen.

3.Now click on the network and sharing centre link from the above window.

4. Now, under the change your networking setting section , click on the set up a new connection or network link to start the network setup wizard.

5. Select the conectarte to internet option and click on the next button. Following windows is displayed.

6. From the above two option , click on set up new connection any way. This activates a new window as ashown in image below.

7. Clicking on the broadband (PPPoE ) links , next wizard windows appears on your screen . Fill the required username password and connection name in the provided Windows.
The default connection name is (broadband connection)

8. After filling the the details , click connect.

9.When the process is completed, the following last confirmation windows is displayed on the screen.

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