How to create email (ID) Account

How to create gmail account

What is email?

There are so many web sites that provides free email services. For example gmail,rediffmail,Yahoo mail.

Gmail is the product of google and most popular web base email sevice provided by google. It offres large storage capacity, which is handy for people who like to keep send a lot of emails, and the size is convenient for sharing large files. Gmail has spam filter that filter most spam, and there any email are no flash banners and to slow you down. Gmail is designed to be read in aweb browser, but any email softwares, such as outlook, can acacac Gmail by forwarding the Gmail messMes to an existing email addres. Settings up a Gmail account takes only a few minutes.

The step by step process to create an email address using gmail is given below:

1. Open your web browser ( internet explorer or Google chrome )

2. Type in the Gmail home page address ( in the address field of the browser window. The Gmail home page appera the new window. the new to Gmail? It's free and easy section, click on the create an account button.

4. Clicking on the create an account button, create account form is shown with served fields that need your input.

5.You now need to start the filling form . Once you have entered your first your name and last name, it is time to choose a desired login name.

This is important as your login name will decided the email address you will get. So be sure to pick login name, also called as user name, with care.

Email address need you to be unique which means no two people in the world can have the same address. So it is better to check availability of your design login name.

6. After choose a unique login name, type a password in the choose a password text box. Also type the same password in re-entry password : text box to confirm it.

7. Similarly, also fill in other desire detail provided in the form. A simple filled in the form.

8.You now need to either Selected a security question from the drop down list or enter one and you need to provide the answer. This additional security helps in getting your email account password if you forget it.

You may also enter a secondary email address but this field is optional, I.e you can leave it blank.

9. After supplying the security question and it's answee, you need to enter the character that you see in the picture in the word verification: field in your form. This is required so that gmail knows the input are from a human being and not some automated program. that everything is set, you can go through the terms of service and click on the the '' I accept. CREAT MY ACCOUTN" button which will create your very own free Gmail account.

11. When your complete process is successful, a congratulatory screen is displayed on the screen to ensure that your account has been successfully created.

Thank you

If you have any questions and query please comment below.

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