Vivo v11 pro smartphone launched by amir khan full detail and specifications

Vivo v11 pro full detail and specifications are given in this website

So vivo v11 pro mobile launched by amir khan.

Over the past few days, discussions about Vivo new smartphone are being discussed. Several leaks have also emerged. At the same time, Vivo has confirmed that on September 6, Vivo V11 Pro will be launched in India. This phone of Vivo will be launched in Mumbai. Before the launch, the photo of retail box of Vivo V11 Pro has been leaked, in which the information received with the phone is also available.

Here we will be see offers related to Vivi v11 pro on Amazon and flipkart.

Offers with VivoV11 Pro

According to the leak poster, no call emi will be available for the phone at Rs 1,733 per month. Apart from this, one-time screen replacement will be available for just Rs 999, although this offer is only valid for 6 months of purchase of the phone. With cash from HDFC Bank card with Viva V11 Pro, cashback of Rs. 2,000 and Geo will benefit 4,050 rupees. This phone will be sold from both Amazon and Flipkart sites.

What is design and building design of vivo v11 pro

Vivo V11 Pro's design

According to the leak report, Vivo V11 Pro will be launched in two variants. One of these will be VivoV11. By looking at the photo, it is clear that the phone will be full view display and will get a look on the display. Also there is a dual rear camera on the back panel which is on the left side of the phone. It is being said that Inspie Fingerprint sensor will be found in Vivo V11 Pro.

Vivo v11 pro prise and specifications

V.V11 specification

If you think of leak report so far, then the phone will get 6.41 inch Full HD Plus Super Amoled display. Additionally, Qualcomm will get 64GB of storage with snapdragon 660 processor and 6 GB RAM, which will be increased to 256 GB.
  Talking about the camera, the phone will have a dual rear camera with 12 megapixels and two 5 megapixel lenses. The front camera will be of 25 megapixels in which the AI ​​will be available. Apart from this, the phone will get 3400mAh of the battery which will support Dual-engine Fast Charging. The price of the phone can be between 20,000 and 25,000 rupees.

Unbelievable featuefe in vivo v11 pro

Face Access with Infrared Light
Face Access has received a powerful upgrade. Using infrared light, the V11Pro now accurately scans 1,024 facial feature dimensions to unlock your phone instantly, even in the dark. Problems using facial recognition at night are a thing of the past.In-Display Fingerprint Scanning and Face Access: unlocking the V11Pro has never been easier.
In-Display Fingerprint Scanning
Unlocking the Potential of the FullView™ Display
With an optical fingerprint sensor hidden beneath the display, V11Pro’s In-Display Fingerprint Scanning technology can accurately identify you. Eliminating the visible fingerprint pad results in a beautiful design, seamless from top to bottom, with effortless unlocking capabilities and a striking, futuristic feel.

Fast Charging Made Safer

No one likes long charging times, so we’ve equipped the V11Pro with the Vivo Dual-Engine Fast Charging, which refills the large, 3400mAh capacity battery at rapid speeds. For robust protection during charging, the parallel connection of the two charging chips, along with nine different safeguarding features, provide the utmost in safety.
Jovi –
Your AI Assistant
Jovi,which means “Enjoy Vivo’s AI”, is Vivo’s AI assistant. Enabling it on your V11Pro delivers a futuristic AI-powered user experience. Jovi learns to understand you better than you know yourself, making your life easier, smarter, and simpler.
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