What is ASP ( Active server pages )

What is active server pages?

Microsoft active server pages ( ASP ) is a server side siDe scripting technology that can use be to create a dynamic and interactive web application. Active server pages are webpages that contain server side script in addition to the usual mixture of the text and HTML ( Hypertext markup language ) tags. Server side script are special command you put in web pages that are processed before the pages are sent from your personal web server to web browser of someone who visiting your website. When you type a url in web address box or click a link on web pages you are asking web server on computer . If that file is normal HTML file,it looks exactly that the same when your web browser receive it as it did before the webs browser server in it. After receiving the file your web browser display it's content as a combination of text ,images, and sound.

In the case of an active server pages the process is similar ,except there an extra processing step that takes place just before the web server send the file. Before the web server send the active server pages on the web browser , it runs all server side script obtained in the pages . Some of the script display the current date, times​,and other information in the webs sites guestbooks.

To distinguish them from normal HTML pages , active server pages are given .asp extension​.

What language can you use to program in ASP?

ASP is scripting technology and it is Languages independent. Two of the most common scripting language are supported right out of the box. Vbscirpt and JavaScript (Microsoft version of JavaScript) Supported for the scripitng language such as perl is also available.

However, the more common language use for writing ASP in Vbscirpt. It is Microsoft scripting language based on visual basic. Vbscirpt isn't very different from using vb in application,or VBA in Microsoft office.

What you can do with active server pages?

There are any thing you can do with active server pages.

  1. You can display date,time,and other information in different ways.
  2. You can make a servey from and ask people who visit your site to fill it out ,send emails ,save the information to a file , etc.
  3. Asp is a specification for a dynamically created web pages.
  4. An ASP file contains text HTML ,XML, Scrpit also.
  5. An ASP file must have a .ASP file extension.
  6. ASP file can be crated uisng a simple text editor.
  7. ASP is a program that will run inside IIS Or PWS.
  8. Scrpit is an ASP are executed on the sever only.

How to install the ASP?

ASP ( Active server pages ) is the part of internet information server (IIS package that comes​ with certain Microsoft operating system. Currently there is no support for ASP on the other operating system,such as Mac, linux, and Unix. The operating system that have the ability to support are 
Window 95,98,2000,2003,Xp,pro NT.

How to install Windows IIS On windows XP, Windows 7 , Widows 10, Windows 8, etc.

If you are running Windows 2000, Windows 10 on your computer you can install Microsoft web web server, internet information server for free from the windows 2000, Windows 10 instaltion CD and configurations it to run on your system following the instructions below.

  1. Place the window 10, Windows 2000 CD ROM into your CD ROM drive 
  2. From your start button go to settings and control  panel 
  3. Open add remove Windows components found in add remove program in control panel.
  4. In the windows wizards check internet information service has added a new IIS icon on your computer task bar. Click on the icon and press the start button in The Windows vtaht appears if your sever isn't already on 
  5. Test that IIS working. Type into address bar of your web browser https://localhost/. You should see the IIS documentations, if it's working currently.

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