What is internet?

What is internet? And uses of internet.

The Internet is also known as net is the world largest computer networks​. In simple terms a computer networks is a collection of interconnected computer that communicate with each other. The internet is not just one networks it is a network of networks where all networks freely exchange information. The network range from the big corporate networks to tiny ones used in a school laboratory.

One great thing about the internet is that the most open networks in the world. Thousand of computers provide facilities that are available to anyone who has internet access. Most service are free for the talking after you are online.

The internet is a network of computers spanning the globe. It is popularly know as networks of networks. This communication structure is a system connect in more than fifty million people in different countries around the world. A global web of computer the internet allows provide a quick and easy exchange of information and is recognized as the central tools in this information ages.

The internet links​ are computer networks all over the world so that user can share resources and communicate with each other. The internet is a vast 'interconnection of computers networks' that span the globe. It is comprised of million of computers that connects and share the massive volume of information.

History of the internet

The internet is a worldwide networks of thousands of computer and computer networks. It's public
,Voluntary, and cooperative effort between the connected institution and is not owned or operated by any single organization. The internet and transmission control protocols were initially developed in 1973 by the American computer scientist Vinton cerf as part of a project sponsored by the united States department of defense advance reserch project agency (ARPA) and direct by American engineers Robert kahn.

Basic terms of internet

  1. Download:- To copy a file from one computer system to another . From the internet users point of view to download a file is to request it from another computer and to receive it.
  2. Electronics mail ( E-mail ):-
    A way of sending messages electronically from one computer to attend another computer, generally through an modem and telephone line connected to a computer.
  3. Home page:- The site is the starting point on the world wide web for a particular group or organization.
  4. Hypertext link :- also known as hyperlink. An easy method for retrieving information by choosing highlighted word or icon on the screen. The link will take you to related documents or sites.
  5. Internet service provider (ISP):- A company that offers you access​ to the internet.
  6. Search engine :-
    a program that perform keywords searches for information on the internet.
  7. Web browser:-
    A software that let's you find,see, and hear a material on he world wide web including text graphics sound and videos.
  8. World wide web:-
    A hypertext based system​ that allows you to browser though a variety of linked internet resources organized by colorful, graphic oriented home pages.

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