What is slip gauge?

What is slip gauges? 


How to calculate problem related to slip gauges?

Slip gauges are rectangular block of alloy steel with cross sections of 30mm×10mm×thickness (as required)

These are invented by c.e johnson of sweden hence also called as johnson gauges.

These gauges are used as standard of measurements for checking the accuracy of measuring instrument, setting a sin bar for angular measurements.

Classification of slip gauges.

The slip gauges are classified as per their accuracy or grades .

1. AA - Master slip gauges +-2 micron/m
2. A - Reference gauge +- 4 micron/m
3.B working of slip gauges +- 8 micron/m

Classification of slip gauges according to grades

They are divided into five grades.
Grade - inspection grade
Grade 1- precise working
Grade2- workshop grade
Grade 00 - highest precision grade
Calibration grade - For special purpose calibration.

Standard set slip gauge

Slip gauges are available in metric unit and inches . The slip gauges are supplied in set of suitable graded size , so that no. Of combination may be obtained . In metric system, the commonly used set are M105, M45, M87 piece.
In order to build a size , the blocks are bought together with sliding action known as wringing.

What is wringing of slip gauges? State the conditions of wringing of slip gauges.

1. First keep two slip on one another and slide them to known about any particles available on their surfaces.
2. Press the faces into contact , perpendicular to each other and give a small twisting motion.
3. Shows the wrung slip in which , in which gap between two slip is very small in order of 0.00635.
4.While removing wrung slip , they can be slide on each other slowly
5.Wringing occurs due to molecular adhesion between liquid film and mating surfaces . It is called as 'enforced ashesion'. Which is conditions of wringing.
6. Thus wringing is defined as the property of measuring faces of a gauge of adhering , by sliding or pressing against another gauge.

How to solve problems related to slip gauges.


How to select the slip gauges for calculation.

Following procedure is adopted for building dimension using slip gauges.

Basic principle of minimum slip gauges are to be used for calculation purpose.

For example , set of M85 is used to develop 52.375.

1. Let us see last decimal places is I.e 0.005 mm is available or similar I.e 1.005 is available or not and if available, find remaining dimension ( 52.375-1.005) =51.37

2. Next one can see last digit of decimal I.be 0.07 . For this various options are available,
I.e 1.07, 1.17. 1.27, 1.37, 1.47. We ultimately need 51.37, select 1.37 mm and find remain dimensions.

3.Select 50mm directly , which is available in given set.
Following table can be used for selection of slip.

You have to write or draw the table in the exam. You will get good marks otherwise your marks will be minus ( decrease from your answer)

If any query and question please comment below.

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