Google Chromecast 3 | New Chromecast by google 2018

Google Chromecast 3

New Chromecast by google which is launch in 9th October in new York city. Here are some features and specifications are given below.

Here's a new set of chromecast streams. At the launch event in New York City, which happened on October 9, the giant of technology did not mention any surprisingly chromecast, but it launched quietly through the Google Store. If you're wondering what else Google has launched, read our roundup of events.

How the great google Chromecast 3

However, you came here to listen to the Chromecast, so you need to know about Google's latest digital media player, including the main features of UK's price, availability and streamer.

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The new chromecast device is almost identical to the size of its predecessor. However, the design has changed a bit, by changing a new, matte-black coat, and the old chrome logo, a more straightforward Google logo; It looks like a tad slicker altogether.

On the basis of tip and chromecast, the magnetic HDMI connector has been removed (some problems for some), and the edges are more circular than before.

In addition, there is very little difference between the second and third generation chromecast. It's still a spherical black puck attached to an HDMI jack - what more do you possibly want?
New chromecast specs: features and eyeglasses
As mentioned earlier, the magnetic HDMI connector has been removed, but the new device opts out of its predecessor in favor of Micro-USB connectivity instead of choosing the more advanced USB Type-C connector.

Google Chromecast 3 features

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The new chromecast, like its predecessor, supports full HD (1,920 x 1,080) and can be easily installed through the Google Home app. The biggest change is made as Google Assistant. For the first time, Google's Media Streamer now supports a Virtual Assistant.
It's not new to those who are living with the release of Media Streamers - Now TV, Apple TV and Amazon all support touch the voice search, while some also have virtual assistants - like on Apple TV and Alexa Siri on Amazon devices.

There is a catch however. You'll need a Google Home device connected to your Chromecast, because there is no pass-field microphone in the Media Streamer. So, check it out more of a bridge between your smart device (such as Google Home Speaker) and your television.

New Chromecast Review: Early Decisions
Absolutely, the new chromecast looks the same. Rather than improving the performance of the device, Google's changes are more targeted to streamline the experience of using Chromecast. Given that the price has not changed, we are happy to see that the company is adding new features to one of its most popular devices.

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