How to update lenovo k8 note and k8 plus to Oreo 8.1

* How to update lenovo k8 and K8 plus to oreo 8.1  version

Update lenovo k8 note and plus to oreo

Lenovo k8 note and k8 plus update

Hellow friends this is devid and in this website you will get the more information about the lenovo mobile means how to update lenovo k8 and k8 plus. So don't worry about that I will tell you the procedures as well as full details regarding the updating of lenovo k8 mobiles.

So most of the people are thinking about the updating of mobile lenovo k8. But there is problem that you don't know how much data is consume for the updating of lenovo k8. So don't care about that i will give you full support for updating the your lenovo Device.

So friends our mian moto is to update our lenovo k8 note and lenovo k8 plus.

Here I will provide you a image that is related to updating. So in that picture you can see how much data is consume for updating as well as what are the  new fetatures are available after upgradings your lenovo device.

* So I would like to tell you the procedure for updating lenovo k8 device.

Update lenovo k8 note and plus to oreo

1. Go to settings
2. Click on the about phone
3. And then you will see the 'system update' option on the update.
*Features after updating lenovo k8 mobile.

System update available 

New version: 0M027.70 39
A new software update is available for your device. Plug the phone in to ensure that the battery is not drained during the download. We also recommend downloading over a high speed network or Wi Fi.
All user data will be saved.
You cannot downgrade to a previous software version after installing this update.

HighIights of this update include: 

-Android“‘ 8.0 Oreo'“.
-Android security updates through July 5, 2018. -Network and Call improvements.
-Stability mprovements.
View release notes.

Press "Yes, I'm in" to continue. Press "No, maybe later" to select the time. To check for updates at any time, press the menu key > Settings -> About phone > System updates.
That four procedure you should have to do with your mobilephone.

Hope you guys get all the details and information about updating lenovo k8 device.

Lenovo k8 plus Oreo update review

🤙K8 plus ANDROID Oreo review.🤙

👉Cast screen working
👉Audio quality is more crisp
👉Camera is better (takes quick pictures in normal mode)
👉Internal storage space is consumed less
👉Call clarity is bit more better
👉Idk but surprisingly net speed has gotten better
👉PIP Mode ♥️ new feature


👉Audio volume feels like it's a little low than before
👉Haptic feedback has too much vibration than before
👉Depth mode is still taking time to click picture
👉Fingerprint sensor is taking bit more time than nougat
👉Very minor lags


👉Battery has been the same. Charging and discharge rate is very similar like nougat

You can easily update to Oreo without any hesitation.

However I just updated like 1 hr ago. A phone needs 12 hrs to be stabilized after new update.
So it should be better.
Further updates will even better it.

How to update lenovo k8 note and k8 plus to Oreo 8.1 How to update lenovo k8 note and k8 plus to Oreo 8.1 Reviewed by Devid on October 25, 2018 Rating: 5

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