Naal movie box office collection first week 2018

Naal marathi movie box office collection 2018

Hellow friends this is devid and I will give you the details about the box office collection of naal marathi movie. According to report of news. Here we will see the how much of collection of money have make in 2018. So Naal marathi movie it is one one best movie in Marathi movies making industry. 

Naal marathi movie directed by nagraj manjule and sudhakar reddy. So we will see about the collection of naal movie. So we will see in the marathi languages.

After the successful in movies fandri and sairat there is new movie going to release in November 2018 which is called as Naal ( jau de na va ).

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Naal marathi movie 2018 collection is given below ( Marathi language) .

Naal Marathi movie 2018 ( Box office collection )

Naal Marathi movie 2018

Naal movie have make the box office collection In first week is 2.60 crore.

According to the report, the box office collection on the first day was only 70 lakhs. On Sunday, the highest collection of the movie went to 1.10 crore on the third day, while on the second day there was some increase in the collection of 80 lakh rupees. Therefore, the box office collection of Nal's first weekend reached 2.60 crores. That was the story. Kashinath Ghnekar also had similar discussions in the media

However, critics were kind to give good feedback and thus, Dr. Kashinath Ganekar got mixed review. This has resulted in a large number of film collections that have failed to form the type of word buzz in the movie somewhere. The film was on the second day on Sunday, while on the third day the collection went on nearly 90 million outlets, while nearly 60 million went to collect, only 50 opened lakhs in the first day. Like the reports, box office collection increased by 2.0 crores in the first week, which is still suitable for the film. Get in touch with the film and others just to know more about us.

Hope you get to see collection of naal marathi movie 2018. 

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