PUBG Mobile Season 4 new update | How to update PUBG mobile game

PUBG Mobile game New season 4  | How to update PUBG  mobile seasons 

PUBG Mobile game
PUBG Mobile

PUBG mobile update season 4 

So hello friends this is devid.  And in this article I will share you the information about PUBG mobile game. So I would like to tell you that. PUBG mobile game have officially announced that Season 4 is available for PUBG mobile. Means season 4 is available on the store.

The PUBG mobile has announced on 20th November that season 4 is available. Here you will get the all the details about the PUBG mobile as well as how to update season 4 in PUBG mobile.

PUBG Mobile game

PUBG mobile game
PUBG Mobilr

The PUBG mobile game is one the most popular game in the gaming industry. We know all of you are playing PUBG mobile game. PUBG mobile game was released india on March of 2018. PUBG mobile game season 3 is already added to your game. When you download the game you will get the PUBG mobile season  already mentioned or installed in it.

PUBG Mobile season 4 release date and time 

PUBG Mobile game download
PUBG Mobile game 

PUBG mobile season 4 announce on 20th november 2018 on the official website of PUBG mobile game. The PUBG mobile game player Update will get on 21st of November 2018. That means you will have to access new season in November 2018.

How to download PUBG mobile season 4 

The PUBG Mobile user will get the automatic updates on their smartphone. So PUBG player have to join the wifi to take update or User can update the PUBG mobile game via Mobile network also. New users that means that people have not already installed the PUBG game so for that you should have to go Play store and download the app now. You will get season 4 already installed in it. And apple users should have to open their iOS store and download the PUBG mobile game you will also get the PUBG season 4 already installed in the game.

New Features do PUBG mobile

PUBG Mobile game downlaod
PUBG Mobile game Update

The PUBG mobile game have updated the skin along with ( joker and Harley squinn )
assault rifle M762, revamped weapons, backpacks, parachutes menus, a Royal pass for access to weekly challenges with up to 100 RP level, Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus options to help players receive level up benefits and paid benefits with 100 UC on every level.

Scooter and dynamic weather also updated. Now game gives feeling like PUBG desktop game. It feels like that we are playing game on the computer.

So hope you guys you will have to see the updates about the PUBG game as well as new season 4 .

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